Fergus Beeley

Fergus Beeley has been passionate about the natural world from a very early age. He enjoyed a gap year working with the Pitjantjatjarra tribe in Central Australia before going on to study Anthropology at the University of Durham. But it was Fergus’s clear passion for nature and good knowledge of wildlife that gained him a successful interview with BBC’s Natural History Unit in 1989.

fergus beeley fergus beeleyHe has travelled to remote wilderness areas on every major continent, including across the deserts, mountains, arctic and Far East in the former Soviet Union.

Wildlife Filmmaker and Conservationist

Fergus Beeley became an established member of the BBC National History Unit in 1990, producing an extremely popular BBC Wildlife On One called ‘Stoats in the Priory’ which caught the attention of Sir David Attenborough. He has produces a variety of work for the BBC and other global broadcasters.

Fergus worked with Sir David Attenborough on many films including the landmark series, Life of Birds. He was Executive Producer and Presenter of many award winning films for BBC Natural World, PBS and National Geographic Explorer. He was series producer of the award winning series ‘Planet Earth – The Future’ for BBC, Discovery and NHK.

In the world of television, Fergus Beeley is known as a bit of a maverick, as he enjoys the challenge of trying new and difficult subjects, including shy and elusive Andean Bears in the high-altitudes of Ecuador, packs of never-before-seen white wolves on Ellesmere Island in north Canada and the large and powerful Harpy Eagles of the dense and remote rainforests of Venezuela.

As a Founding Member and Director of Fountain Digital Labs, Fergus oversaw the creation of Virry app, which went on to win both a Webby and BAFTA Award in 2015.

Conservation Projects

Fergus Beeley is Founder of the BLUE campaign , rewilding Britain garden by garden.

He is also Patron of Flamingo Conservation Rift Valley and Founder of Bushflix which translate wildlife films into very local languages and distribute them back to local communities where the films were made.

Fergus Beeley is an Ambassador for  Steppes Travel and Fellow of Royal Asiatic Society and Explorers Club New York.

Projects and Partners