Blue Campaign

The BLUE Campaign

What is the BLUE Campaign?

The BLUE campaign is a pilot running in Chipping Sodbury (2017), through South Glos County (2018) and Nationwide (2019), founded by Fergus Beeley.

fergus beeley blue campaign 10BLUE recognises that the garden industry has converted our 11m gardens to largely over-manicured, barren and non-native species.

These non-native plants are not the food plants for the caterpillars of our moths and butterflies.

The few butterflies we now have are left unable to lay their eggs as they cannot sometimes even find the valuable nettle (peacock butteffly, etc).

BLUE is supported by DEFRA, by the local Chamber of Commerce and the South Gloucestershire Council.

BLUE is a response to the State of Nature report 2016 which highlighted the continuing trend of loss of biodiversity in UK.

BLUE recognises that the word and symbolism of ‘green’ has been lost in corporate spin and political use. Moreover, it hardly empowers individual residents to feel they can do much themselves to restore biodiversity in the UK.

BLUE encourages residents to make a difference, by leaving 10% of their lawns to one cut in September, by planting small clusters of hedge plants (say 3 thorny Blackthorn bushes close together, providing safety for birds from cats and sparrowhawks and providing them with a healthy supply of snails on which to feed) and recognising that ‘garden waste’ is actually perfect wildlife habitat and best stacked, making ideal cover for hedgehogs, small mammals and insects.

By using the BLUE heart symbol to communicate that ‘biodiversity is in progress.’