BBC, National Geographic and PBS Nature

Fergus has produced many Award winning wildlife films, mostly for BBC, but also with National Geographic, Discovery Animal Planet and PBS Nature.

He joined BBC Natural History Unit in 1987 and within a year was an Assistant Producer on 'Realms of the Russian Bear', a series about the former Soviet Union, which took him from the Russian Arctic across to Kamchatka, Eastern Siberia, the deserts on the Afghanistan and Iranian border, the Caspian Sea and the Mountains of the Pamirs and Tien Shan.

As well as producing Live Outside Broadcasts for BBC from Kenya, Fergus made a film for BB'C's Wildlife On One strand in 1996 called 'Stoats In The Priory' which to date is BBC's most repeated programme.

Fergus joined Sir David Attenborough's team as Producer on two programmes for the Life Of Birds, which went on to be nominated for a BAFTA in the BEST SERIES category in 1998.

'Owls - Silent Hunters' for National Geographic Explorer was both produced and presented by Fergus and won an Emmy Award in 2000.

Fergus was Series Producer of the BBC landmark 'Planet Earth - the future', the final disc in the PLANET EARTH box set of DVD's.

Fergus has produced many films for the BBC Natural World Strand, including 'The Eagle Has Landed', 'Spectacled Bears - Shadows of the Forest', 'White Falcon, White Wolf', 'The Return of the Eagle Owl', 'Highland Haven' (repeated on BBC1, 2019).

In 2015, Fergus was Exec Director of Fountain Digital Labs Ltd, a company which won an Emmy and BAFTA Award for its digital app called Virry.

He is currently Director of Virgin Flame Ltd www.virginflame.com, which owns and exploits  all intellectual property created by Fergus. His services as Executive Producer are on occasion available through the company. 



The BLUE campaign

Fergus founded the BLUE campaign in 2014 in response to a report on the State of Nature that was published that year.

The BLUE campaign aims to restore biodiversity around Britain by encouraging the 15 million gardeners to se aside some of their gardens for rewilding and staking out a blue heart (made out of recycled materials) to show that rewilding is in process.

The BLUE campaign is now supported by Chris Packham and has a huge social media following. There are blue hearts in gardens, school grounds, council land and road verges all over the UK. 

The campaign will be the focus of considerable press in the Autumn 2019.

See the dedicated link to the BLUE campaign from this website, or go to www.bluecampaignhub.com.



Ambassador for Steppes Travel

Fergus has spent most of his career from 1988 travelling around the world making wildlife films.

In this capacity he has seen extraordinarily exciting and remote places, worked with interesting conservation organisations and met leading scientists working with animals.

Fergus makes many introductions between the worlds of travel and conservation as he firmly believes that sustainable travel can benefit wildlife conservation. This has certainly been the reason for the conservation success stories with tigers and gorillas.

Fergus works as an Ambassador for Steppes Travel, see www.steppestravel.com, introducing them to conservation organisations around the world and assisting them in creating some extraordinary wildlife travel for clients. Fergus assists Steppes Travel in ensuring a sustainable travel framework.